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Counter Packs

Impulse sales are still a driving force in retail today. Capitalize on Impulse Sales. These simple and effective displays are a great way to increase your per customer sales. Counter racks hold 30 CDs and are easily merchandised in a small space on the counter. With different promotions every month, regular customers will continue to see new and exciting promotions each and every month.

Not Now (2CD) (24)

ICONs (30)

Millenium (30)

New Release & Top 30

Best of the Best (30)

CD Counter Display - small

Counter Display

CD Display Options

CD Display Options

A fantastic add-on to your impulse sales program. Great quality titles and exceptional value bundles (up to 4 movies on 1 DVD).

New titles are added regularly so your selection is constantly changing. All product is guaranteed so there is no risk to you.

Counter Display

Christmas CD & DVD Display


Now Distributed Exclusively In Canada by Valley Music Sales

Western · Sci-Fi · Action & Adventure · Mystery

Available in a number of series or standalone series catering the PROFESSIONAL DRIVER

VMS Distribution is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Graphic Audio’s AudioBook entertainment.

Now on MP3 format and at a lower retail.

Deathlands, Smoke Jensen, Mountain Man, and all the other favorites are available at a truck stop or travel center across Canada. These high quality productions featuring a full cast, soundtrack and dynamic sound effects are sure to provide hours of entertainment on the highway.

Floor Display